chapter lx

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Time to finish the story of Greece and Turkey. I arrived home Thursday afternoon. The flight from Istanbul was delayed three hours, and I missed the connection to Halifax, so United put me up in a hotel overnight, and gave me food vouchers. It was probably better, because I was due in to Halifax at 0:30, meaning I would have been driving home in the middle of the night, after flying for ten hours. The room was enormous, at a Doubletree. Funny though, a $100/night room, and you had to pay for wi-fi! I didn’t. But did have a good sleep, nice dinner, breakfast, and arrived in Halifax around 1 pm, feeling refreshed. The drive home was nice, open roads, smooth and wide, and the scent of late summer. I love this time of year.

Random thoughts about the holiday. A couple favourite things: floating in the Aegean Sea, so clear, so blue and warm; whirling dervishes, very moving and deeply felt; hamam, such a treat and pampering. One thing I like about being in a Muslim country is the call to prayer five times a day. It reminds me to pause for a moment and give thanks, acknowledge that I am part of something much larger, and be present in this moment. The food was wonderful in Turkey, fresh and many vegetables. There is so much more to explore in Istanbul, one could spend weeks. I would love to go back, and then I look at the whole world, and how many other places I would love to visit. Traveling alone has real benefits, primarily interacting with many other people, being flexible enough to seize opportunities on impulse, or change plans.

I am moving out of a comfortable situation – the trip was the first step, the next is moving in a couple weeks. I groan every time I think of packing up again, and keep putting off starting. On the other hand, it will cut my rent by half, and if I do want to travel and have a little breathing space, this is the trade-off. I had a yard sale yesterday, and cleared out quite a few things; will have another one next Saturday, and hopefully have fewer things to move. Thankfully, it’s only across town, very small town. It is a sweet little house, too. I will have my own room, with a large closet and skylight, shared living room, dining room and nice kitchen, and a basement with a washer and dryer, and space for storage. Also a little shed outside for storage. Once I get in and settled, I’ll be glad. It is only a year lease, though which is what is giving me a sense of uprootedness. Who knows what can happen in a year, and where I will be then?