chapter lx

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Well, a busy week and good. It seems I spent a lot of time on the phone, canceling things, setting up new services, following up on others; how do I retrieve messages from the phone? the cell? how do I configure the router? how do I get a confirmation of driver’s license? on and on. But things are coming together. Did get a bank account. So now I have an address, phone number and bank. The rest will come.

Wednesday I rode into Halifax with John who went to get wood to build a boat. We went to a warehouse with every kind of wood you can imagine, from all over the world. It was beautiful; red, black, purple, brown, white, fine grain and course. Each had its own weight and smell and texture. I am so glad to have seen such variety. It was a sunny day but very windy – driving back with large sheets of ply on the roof felt like we could become airborne.

Began singing at St. Norbert’s on Thursday and through Easter – what a wonderful time to be singing liturgy – latin and allelulias. There was a Good Friday service with all the churches in town involved – carrying a cross from church to church and then to Blockhouse Hill. There was a good crowd, and it was lovely and low key.
easter3Little by little, the apartment is coming together. Found drapes and curtains, and Janice gave me a chair. easter2It is wonderful to sit and read. The people I bought the living room drapes from are leaving the home that her ancestors built and lived in. I think that there are many who have lived here forever, but are moving to simpler lives, closer to Halifax without so much property. The couple I bought the bed from are moving to Spain for their retirement.
pole4Walking yesterday, I took photos of the decorations on the lamp poles along my street. Another one of the charming features of this charming place.easter
Job prospects look good. I am not worried – yet. There were three last week that I feel well qualified for, and would enjoy doing. If nothing else, I know that there is seasonal work around town, and that would get me through the summer and a chance to meet more people for something more long-term. I do know that I don’t want to work as hard as I was. One reason I chose Nova Scotia is the possibility of living comfortably without all the stress.