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Brewer, Maine. Mile 4820. Okay, good connection here. I’m staying at another independent motel – great rate, beautiful room and friendly staff. I keep hoping that these lovely little motels can survive the next few years. They just have more character than Econolodge – nicer pillows, towels, more thought in the decor. Right next door is a home-cooking restaurant where I had a delicious dinner with grapenuts custard covered with whipped cream for dessert.

Back to yesterday. Took awhile to figure out how to get out of DC – by mistake I got on the Washington-Baltimore Beltway but that turned out ok – little traffic, and got me to Baltimore, where I got lost for awhile. I thought I was following signs for US 1, but then the signs disappeared and I drove around blocks of row houses, block after block, some renovated, some boarded up. I knew if I kept going, eventually I would find some highway. I decided to take the 83 to 81 to avoid New Jersey, New York. Been there, don’t want to do that again. Anyway, Pennsylvania is rolling and pretty; Wilkes Barre, Scranton, got off the freeway now and then to see some towns. It got colder and colder as I headed north – the heater works great. But it was also very windy, work driving. Today was windy all day, too and cold. Water was frozen mid-stream falling down the rocks at the side of the road, and today the vestiges of snow banks left by the plow lined the roads and parking lots. Ah, I remember March, and all the filthy snow.

Nevertheless, I felt elated as I drove into Maine. This is the final leg, and it is beautiful and clean and good. The sky was so blue and clear all day, and the pines tall and fragrant on both sides of the road. I spent some time looking for winter boots, but no luck. Too late in the season even for clearance. They all have spring sandals out now, and the few boots lying around are ugly and still too expensive. I did see a beautiful pair of shoes but even on sale they would have been more than $100 and I really don’t need shoes. They were so nice.

It has been a good trip. I’ve only been to Starbucks once, and haven’t eaten once at a fast food place – it’s possible to eat good real food even when you don’t know where you are. I have stayed at chain motels only half the time, sometimes because it was time to stop and I couldn’t find anything else. I’m so grateful the gas is not $4/gallon. I have had wonderful visits with so many people and now it’s on to new beginnings.

I am only a couple hours from the border, and looking at tomorrow, I think I will have to see how long it takes to clear customs. If it takes very long, it will make a long day so I may go as far as St. John and take the ferry in the morning – one a day, at 9 am. If it goes quickly, I may press on and get all the way tomorrow. Have to wait and see.

March snow

March snow