chapter lx

About Chapter LX

This is a record of my transition from San Francisco to Nova Scotia. I left San Francisco on February 28, 2009 in a ’92 Mazda MPV loaded with all my worldly possessions. The route is undetermined, although going south through the US seems prudent this time of year. There is no deadline. The trip will take as long as it takes



2 Responses to "About Chapter LX"

Katherine, Sorry I missed your going away party. Returned from Southeast Asia last Saturday. It was a terrific trip, though tiring and very, very hot. The poverty in Cambodia was hard to see but the people all seemed to be smiling and very upbeat–they seem to love Americans. So, I’m back to the mundane–staring at a computer screen with numbers all day. I will follow your progress as you traverse the country. Best of luck to you. Bob

Katherine! So good to hear from you and to travel with you via your blog. Good for you for honoring your spirit and muse. Please do keep in touch.My Mom is staying with me for six weeks — a reprieve from the senior residence which she hates and a potential dry run for long-term residence…although still the problem of U.S. health insurance and my being her primary caretaker. Your email has come at a time when I find myself longing for something different, longing to talk with strangers and discovering the unexpected in their words, ideas, and outlook…guess I’ll get a slice of that from you. I know angels will watch over you.

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