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20 June 2012

Posted on: June 20, 2012

Summer tomorrow, and today it felt like it, finally. Beautiful and warm, sunny. The house stays pretty cool though. A lot has been happening since my last post, which was …when? I have finished the certification program for Creative Grief Coach, and have begun designing a brochure and cards so I can get out and introduce myself to people who may refer – funeral homes, care homes, palliative care unit and pastors at all the churches in the area. I am looking forward to working with clients – not too many at once, but doing the practicum was good, and I know that I have a lot to bring to grief situations. I have also completed training for Palliative Care Volunteer, and am looking forward to that as well.

Still freelance writing, steady contract each month, some odds and ends here and there. I am doing some taxes, too. Enumerated for the municipal election in the fall, and that was fun. Only two nasty dogs, many friendly people inviting me in, offering lemonade, beer, water, talk, conversation, gossip. I hope to be a returning officer for the election, too. Community involvement – am treasurer for the South Shore Chapter of Council of Canadians, and raised my hand at a meeting last week to sit on the board of a group working to get public transit established on the South Shore. I do think it’s important, and they seem to be well-organized and moving forward with it.

Last weekend I sang with a chorus in The Magic Flute production right here in Lunenburg. It was thrilling. There were eight members of the Nova Scotia Symphony playing strings, wind and of course, flute; five absolutely top-notch principals from all over Canada, and the chorus with about forty voices. I was a little out of my comfort zone, singing parts, trying not to get distracted by the basses behind me. What was more challenging, though, is that I only have one good eye, so reading German and seeing the notes was crazy. I had a cataract removed early May, and am waiting for the second surgery – hopefully in the next few weeks, but it doesn’t look like before I go to Florida for the anniversary. What an amazing surgery, though. Simple, in a day or two you hardly know anything happened, but when they replace the cloudy lens, they put in a corrective lens, so I can see out of my right eye like I haven’t since I was ten years old. So glasses are no good, one eye is great, the other still cloudy and blurry, which makes a very odd in-between place to be. I can drive ok during the day, but no way at night – the bad eye just sees glare and halos around all the lights. I can read the computer screen until my eyes get tired, then I start to see double. I can read in bright light, magazine are difficult. I can’t wait to have the other one removed, and get on with seeing out of both eyes.

Yes, Florida in a few weeks. Below is a link to the book which I have put together for Mom and Dad’s anniversary – photos and stories. What a lot of work – what order, which pictures, who did I leave out, do we want ex’s, ??? I think it has turned out pretty well. Give me some feedback, but it won’t matter because it is already on order, and too late to change anything.

I was talking to my friend Joanne back in Bancroft a couple weeks ago, and she has a friend who is selling her little house in Maynooth, right in the village, on a corner lot, for $30,000. It needs a roof and electrical work, but is a sturdy story-and-a-half, 16 x 20 with a 16 x 16 addition at the back. I can almost see it, know exactly where it is. It is so tempting to try to rustle up the cash, to be able to have a place that could be paid off in a few years, and then live in fixed income without shelling out half or more on rent. Nice to have a garden, my own little house. Moving back there would not be like moving here where I didn’t know anyone, and really was starting from scratch. At least I have some network there, and there is a need for grief coaching and palliative care no matter where I am. Blackflies and mosquitoes….Hmmmmm. Snowy winters…Hmmmm. I guess that at this point, I am feeling like if things come together, it is meant to be. If not, I am happy here.

Looking forward to the trip to Florida – see everyone in one place, I always love that. I used to have a dream that I had a huge party, I think it was on a large bed, but everyone I knew was there. I loved throwing large parties, bringing together people who otherwise wouldn’t be together, introducing interesting people to each other. I think I will have an open house on my birthday this year, and just invite every single person that I know here to come by. I am in a girl band now, and have put them on notice that I would like them to play then. I play keyboards – tried clarinet, but just can’t get the fingers on the right hand to cover the notes on the bottom enough to make good sound. So I’ll stick with the keyboard, and if I want mouth, take up harmonica. At any rate, it is just fun, just playing.

Here is the link to the book. Will be back soon.

Click here to view this photo book larger

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