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It is a beautiful spring day – sun bright, apple tree beginning to bud, birds busy. I have moved the desk to a side window, and look out on my neighbour’s garden, with an arbor and daffodils blooming now. Image

Time to get the snow tires off, I guess.

Music, music, music. Went to a performance of Missa Gaia last weekend at St. John’s. It was thrilling, with a massed choir – three came together, a gospel singer, Theresa Thomasen, whale and wolf song, and top-notch musicians. I have been a fan of Paul Winter for a long time, and hearing the piece performed live was wonderful. I have just come back from a session with a new girl band. A group of women have decided that we always wanted to be in a band – no one is expert on any instrument, but we are playing together, trying out, jamming and having so much fun. Last time I didn’t bring an instrument, so was handed a fiddle. I have never played violin, not one note, but by the end of the afternoon was rocking on that thing! Today I brought my keyboard, and had a lot of fun, but am more than ever motivated to get the ombrochure back on the clarinet – what is better than making music with people? I am joining the South Shore Opera Company this week to learn The Magic Flute for performance in June. I am excited about that – I love singing in a large choir, and have never done opera at all.

Finished the grief coaching course, still have to do a practicum and a few other pieces to become certified. I’m also doing training for palliative care volunteer, so it looks like I’m heading for end-of-life work. It feels right.

Here are pictures of the caned chair, before and after.Image


I laugh when I look at it, it’s like the first scarf you knit, a little wonky with holes here and there, but I learned so much doing this one, learning the material, how to handle it and you can see at the last corner that I finally got it. I can’t wait to do another one. It will just get better. And the chair is certainly usable, I am using it and it’s sturdy. When I get good, I could be doing canoe seats, and even take the whole thing on the road. There are not many doing chair caning anymore, and lots of chairs out there that need seats. I could post notices in towns as I approach, and make money to keep moving on! Speaking about travel, I just found out that you can get a round the world air ticket for less than $2000!!! Depending on the ticket, you have a year to use it, as long as you keep moving in one direction. Imagine. It is my latest dream. Sio maybe I go around caning chairs until I have enough for a plane ticket, and then hit the skies.

Things are going well all in all. I am picking up work here and there, and enjoying being able to structure my own time. I may have an opportunity to present the non-violence program at Tatamagouche Centre in the fall, maybe the women’s spirituality, too. That would be great, to have a venue like that. I will be enumerating for the municipal elections coming up in October, and have signed on to be a poll supervisor. There is a film being shot here in the next few weeks, and I may have a role as an extra in that. Could be fun. Freelance writing continues to be steady, and one thing leads to another.

Here is a photo that I just want to share, it strikes me so funny. Can’t you see Jack Nicholson lurking outside one of the windows?Image

Pleasant Rest Home. There is a cemetery called Sunny Valley. I’ll try to get a photo of that.

I went to a talk on Friday about Smart Grid. It is an awesome idea. Lunenburg Electric is a publicly owned utility, and there are two more small publicly owned utilities close by. The man who gave the presentation proposed that if the three could cooperate, and bring in fibre-optics on a grid, we could rule the world. Just kidding, but high speed grid is the way to go, rather than increase generating capacity. Smart grid would connect each user to a central monitor, which could control usage and demand – lowering usage during peak times, deferring usage to off-peak times. Each house could control when the water heater fires up, when the dishwasher starts, etc. in response to feedback from the central monitor. It would mean that industry that requires high usage could locate here, everything would be more efficient. Chattanooga, Tennessee has installed smart grid, and has attracted some large industry, and saved a ton of money, never mind not having to build new generating plants. We need to get off coal – the whole continent has to get off coal. Driving through West Virginia on the way to Florida at Christmas was depressing – grey, grey, grey. It all looks about ready to collapse. The challenge here is to encourage the three councils to talk to each other, and inspire the vision. Very interesting and exciting. There are some great ideas coming up here. There is the Prometheus Project, which has one of the largest solar collectors in the world, and is hoping to market it globally. It collects enough energy to melt iron. It can generate steam for power at no cost after the initial collector. Inspiring and exciting

Taxes due tomorrow – I guess I should sit down now and fill out the forms. Aaaarghh. Until next time, be well and enjoy.