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Holy cow, I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since I’ve been here. Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not, as one of my favourite ME cards said. Well, I have been having fun and not having fun, and that is life.

I won’t even try to fill in a whole year, but the highlights are that Molly got married in October. I was mother of the bride for the first time, and the wedding was wonderful and beautiful and all those things a wedding should be. Molly and Dylan were so happy and so in love that we were all blessed by that happiness and love.

I left my job just after the new year. Had been there a little over a year, time spent trying to find ways to expand the job beyond boredom. I thought I could just hang on for a paycheque, felt trapped because I have to pay the rent and buy groceries, but learned again! that it is not all about the money. So I left. Spent the next day re-arranging all the furniture in the apartment – looking back, that seems to be a January thing for me. Very therapeutic, change the scene, move it around, get physical. Moved the computer/office into the large middle room where I look out on an arbour that has yummy berries and seeds for the birds. One of the joys is to be sitting here and look out at five or six FAT robins munching away.

So, I have been pretty busy with freelance writing, a short-term contract organizing an event for ACSBE, bringing together mature workers and employers, and have started an on-line course to become certified as a grief counselor. This has all just fallen into my lap. Leaving the job has released all kinds of energy to do other things. I am done with full-time work, prefer the multiple income stream. Am modeling Saturday for a class in drawing the clothed figure. Also just received a cane repair kit in the mail. I have a lovely cane chair with a broken seat, and decided if I can repair it, I will get my card out there, and make a business out of it. There is no one around who does, and dozens and dozens of cane chairs with broken seats.

So, life is good. I am committing to writing more frequently, and will upload some photos next time.