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Hello and Happy New Year. I had wonderful holidays, and really feel new with the new year. I spent the time off settling in more here – yes, I am staying for a long time. I got home and noticed little piles of things on the floors – no closets, storage is a challenge. Went to Canadian Tire and bought a tall bookshelf, and one thing led to another. I feel like my place is transformed, rearranged, tidy and cozy. I even went back to C T today to get another one – if one is good, two is better and there are more things I could put up on shelves. They are sold out, it was such a good price, but I got a rain check so it will have to wait. I even bought a large plant, get some life in here. I’m not packing up and moving anywhere – don’t even have a van anymore. The only thing that isn’t working so well is where the computer is now – lots of glare from all the windows. I think maybe I’d like to get blind for the windows – not right away, there are lots of large windows. I never have really liked these drapes, but they were quick and easy, and the amount of fabric it would take to make drapes is way lots. For now, they work and are lined so help keep the cold out. A couple of the windows are only single pane – no storms! I got that film to put on again this year, but can’t find my hairdryer. Bought one last year to put up the film, and never use it for anything else. I think I put it away somewhere, but where? I don’t think I gave it away, but maybe.

New living room

It didn’t stop there – every room got a going over, and I finally bought under-counter lighting for the dark and poky kitchen – whoowee, and got a flusher handle for the toilet, which has been broken for some time so I lifted the lid a couple times a day to flush but was too lazy to replace. It just seems like time to pay more attention here. So it all feels good.

I went even farther – took the second-hand clarinet I bought a couple months ago to a man who is going to refurbish it. I knew it needed cork, as I could barely get a sound out of it, it leaked so much. He says the whole thing really needs rebuilding, pads and cleaning and everything, but it is worth it. After he’s finished it will be like new, sound good and play well. And as he says, I can always sell it and get my money back. I would rather play it. So I’m excited to get it back, and make some nice music.

I have also renewed my body. Got an electric toothbrush, teeth feel so clean and smooth, and face serum – take care of this saggy skin, Kiehl’s shampoo from Alex at Christmas, lovely wonderful shampoo. Feel beautiful inside and out.

It has so far been a very easy winter. Today was a bit below zero, but really only a few days here and there have been cold, and no snow on the ground. It snowed a bit last night, but by morning was gone. I love the winter gardens here. So many plants have a wonderful look when they’re bare.

Winter garden

I’m waiting for an interview for another position here. It should be this week sometime. It is one of those win/win situations – if I get it, great, if not, I have a job that I’m happy with.

I have just discovered a singer named Paolo Conte – what a voice, full of life and knowledge, sort of an Italian blues singer but rich like Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen. Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to jazz and just feeling so mellow. Tomorrow back to work and routine. I read that a British study found that January 5 is the most stressful day of the year! People report that even the sound of their co-workers breathing is stressful. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that stressed. Watch out tomorrow, do something nice for yourself.