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Archive for December 2010

No pictures this time. I was in the Santa Claus parade a couple weeks ago here in Lunenburg, took the camera out to take pictures of the floats, our float and all the kids dressed up like presents and reindeer, and the battery was dead. What is it with batteries? Aaarghhh. The parade was a lot of fun though. There were about forty floats! and real crowds out to watch. We were like movie stars, people waving and taking pictures. Fun until it started to rain – the last fifteen minutes, and we were soaked to the bone, that cold sleety rain and nowhere to go but finish the parade and get home to a warm bath and dry clothes. That evening, there was another parade, with a donkey and Mary and Joseph and the shepherds, through the streets to the bandstand, where we all gathered and listened to the Nativity story and sang carols together, and then all the trees on the hill were lit all at once. It was so moving, almost as good as fireworks. Silent Night is the one that brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes – all of us singing together and the sweet voices of children. Afterward, Santa came to the church hall across the street, and there was cider and cocoa, and Lunenburg sausage and solomon gundy and cookies.

We are having another of those weird nor’easters. They are the strangest kind of storm – this is the third this fall. The wind howls for hours, nine or twelve or twenty hours straight. There is not any rain with this one yet, but the rain is coming, maybe 50 cm. The wind is fierce though, can almost give you a headache walking into it. It wakes all the ghosts in this old house, moaning and groaning and howling.

The harbour is so pretty. Some of the tall ships moored out there have lights on the masts and rigging, looking over that way is so festive. There are houses on the road to Bridgewater that are all done up like gingerbread houses. No snow yet – thank goodness we’re not in Ontario or the Midwest. Just wind. And rain coming.

Life is good. I love my new car – what a difference having good tires. Bonding with this one, and have the urge to paint a small flower on it somewhere – maybe just by the door handle. It’s funny, too because when I park in a parking lot, I’m not always sure what car is mine, although I am getting better at spotting it. Can’t even remember my license plate number! The job is good, working with nice people. There is a library at the Centre, and boxes of books that have been donated. It’s a nice little library, some real treasures there. I’m having fun sorting through the donated books and cataloging, deciding what goes in and what doesn’t, making some order there. There is enough variety to stay busy, and more sorting out to do at the Centre in general. Lots of junk in closets that could be moved on somewhere else.

I’ll be going to Florida for Christmas. Meg has so many points on Delta, she has booked a ticket for me to Atlanta, and she and I will drive down to Florida together. I’m looking forward to that, will be nice to have a little road trip with her, spend some time with Mom and Dad, and a little warm and sun. Hard to believe it’s almost another Christmas. Had dinner with some friends Saturday, and one couple will be going to the airport on the same days I’m traveling, so think I have a ride there and back. Otherwise, it’s a lot of money to park there, not counting the gas to get there and back. And unpredictable weather.

It’s lobster season. Think about this next time you enjoy your lobster – those fishermen are out there in the North Atlantic in the winter to gather those lobsters! What a tough job. And then they bring them in and hope to get $6/lb. They should be getting $20/lb. really. The North Atlantic in the dead of winter.

All for now. Will be back soon.