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Bella is retired. She has been a sturdy steed, served well, got me here but was starting to need more attention. She will be stripped and donated to the Diabetes Association, doing good somewhere else.

Cheery Bella

So, I get a job, and what next? Went out and bought a new car. I couldn’t go into winter without putting new tires all around, and the rear brakes needed work. Besides, I really don’t need a van now that I’m here. So, with a steady income behind me, I went to check out what’s the deal with new cars, and bought a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. A real grown up car. Got a great deal, manageable payments, five year warranty, and new snow tires. It feels good to drive on good tires – what a difference. I was talking to Gabe this evening, and he said he needs tires, his are just about bald. That is not the kind of thing you tell a mother! One more thing to worry about. Anyway, I am getting an urge to paint maybe just a small flower on the Elantra. Why not? It’s my car, and I plan on keeping it a long time. Haven’t named it yet – have to get to know it a little better, bond a little stronger. I am having fun driving though. Where can I go now?

I am also enjoying the job. Lots of people, lots of variety and using skills that I have. I am looking forward to facilitating programs, I do love small group work. I’ve also gone onto the board of the local women’s shelter as well, and am getting my teeth into the challenges of that. I realized this weekend that there is a level of anxiety that is gone, and energy freed up for something else. i bought a used clarinet, and am beginning to squeak and squawk – it needs re-corking, so the sound is not great, and my muscles need to get stronger. It’s fun though, and maybe next year I’ll be making music again.

Can you remember all the cars you’ve ever owned? My first car was a VW beetle, green, that Grammy bought for us so Mary and I could get from Berea to Magnificat. It was a sweet and reliable car. I can remember driving without brakes, and running into curbs to stop. One time the windshield wipers stopped during a rain storm, and I could just reach my hand out the window to wipe away the rain.

Talking about rain, we had some crazy weather last week. A nor’easter blew in on Friday, and didn’t stop for 24 hours – loud and strong. Honestly, I’ve never lived anywhere with wind like that. It woke me up when it started blowing, so loud. It rained so hard, with such wind, that it was blowing the rain into the living room where the eaves meet the roof. I had every pot and bowl in a line on the floor to catch the water just pouring in. The drapes were soaked, the floor was wet – I didn’t have enough towels to soak it all up. Constant steady patter patter patter. When the wind shifted, the leaking stopped, but it kept raining hard and steady for another day or two. Once that passed, we have had three absolutely glorious days, double digit sunny mild days. In the middle of November. I talked to a friend today who went canoeing this afternoon!



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