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So much time has passed since I last posted; I sometimes wonder what could be interesting about everyday life, but then I look at some of the pictures and know that it is all not so ordinary.

Lilacs everywhere

The whole town smelled like lilacs in late spring, and now smells like roses. I walk to work every day past a hedge of wild roses, and drink in the scent. They are beginning to get huge hips. The apple tree in front is loaded with apples, too and they are turning red now.

It has been a beautiful summer in Lunenburg. The harbour has been busy, with many ships coming and going, small, large, working, amusing.

Pride of Baltimore

Mr. Toad

Scalloping boats

Lunenburg Harbour

I went whale watching last week; the booth next to mine runs whale-watching tours, and there was room on a tour one morning I wasn’t working. It was very cool. We saw Minke, FinbackĀ and Humpback whales, huge 50 or 60 feet long. Amazing creatures. I heard a program on the CBC, a musician who is also a marine biologist. He had listened to whale song, and realized that there was pattern to them. So he put a microphone down from a research ship, and began playing his clarinet so that the whales could hear, and they began riffing on his songs, back and forth they played together. Whales have only their bodies and senses, no things, no home other than water, constantly moving, hearing, sensing, feeling, thinking. Their songs are heard for thousands of miles, and they know where they are, and where their friends and family are.

I went to Peggy’s Cove a couple weeks ago. I had a day off, and thought I should do some tourist thing, so many places I haven’t seen yet. It is way off the track, but worthwhile. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it is rugged and beautiful. The rock is like elephants, and the lighthouse is quintessential. The town itself is charming and tiny.

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Elephant rocks

Peggy's Cove

Today I went to my favourite beach. It is never crowded there, and always has a gift. Last month it was a sea anemone that had come loose. It was like a piece of oriental carpet that was floating, green and brown, red, yellow, round with a fringe of clear tentacle around it. There was a centre mouth or opening, and it floated in front of me for five minutes? twenty-five minutes, the surf moving it, turning it, bringing it close and far, until it finally dragged out to sea again. It is one of the most amazing and surprising things I have seen.

Other gifts are walking on the sand – it is so relaxing, massaging feet and ankles and hips, soft some places and hard others. There is beach glass – today I found a piece of yellow glass. Brown and green are easy, but yellow is a find. There are stones and shells, iridescent and striped and spotted, so many colours. Today I found two heart-shaped rocks. There are also the plants that grow right on the rocks, and out of the sand. I remember plants growing on rock up north, too. Isn’t life just so persistent and tenacious.

Right on the rock

Even in sand

Birthday coming up, and it seems a time to take stock. I feel like the small anchor I have dropped here is coming unmoored. I have to work another four or five months in the US to receive full Social Security benefits when the time comes, and I think I may as well do it this winter. I would rather not leave here, as I am feeling connected and home.. On the other hand, the difference to me is too great to let it go. if I leave for a winter though, there is not much to come back to, except my lovely apartment and friends. But longer term, not much going on for work. Unless I earn huge money and can come back and open a little shop or something. Or maybe resettle in Halifax, although I may as well resettle anywhere, it would still be relocating. I am just feeling my way forward on this one, listening to my gut, keeping eyes, ears and heart open to what’s next.

The TV series Haven is being filmed in Lunenburg. I watched it once, couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on, but fun to see familiar sites. There is a feature being filmed here, too. I can’t remember what it’s called.