chapter lx

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Spring blossoms

April showers. It has been raining all day, but that is good because the trees are getting more and more ready to leaf out. I have been struggling all day to get a slideshow up here, but I think to do that you have to pay money. Hmm.
It has been a good week, busy but I don’t really know what I did. Went to a gallery opening last Sunday, a young local painter who was all about colour and sky, but also some wonderful light-filled charcoals. Her dad was there and so proud of her. He has another daughter who is a physicist – imagine an artist and a scientist, isn’t parenthood wonderful? The physicist is dyslexic, but was able to get enough support and learn coping mechanisms to succeed all the way.
Went to the book club at the library, discussing Thomas King’s “The Truth about Stories.” It was a really wonderful, thought provoking book about the stories we tell ourselves, and stories about the Native experience in North America. He has such a subtle style, banging you over the head but you don’t even feel it, just the lingering questions he plants. I had a haircut this week, too. It is probably the best cut I have had in over a year, and I feel so good – it was long overdue, you know when you get to feeling too shaggy, try pinning up or back or anything just to get it out of the way. I am so pleased with this one – man, it’s hard to find a good haircut, and one of the hardest parts about moving, I think.
Started facilitating the nonviolence program, and once again am reinforced in my belief that as much as one would like to give away something so important, unless people pay something, even a minimal token amount, they don’t take it seriously. We had week two, and half the group didn’t show up. We’ll see what happens this week.
I have found a new skill – modeling for life drawing. I did my second stint this week, and enjoy it. The artists all are very grateful and enjoy my poses. It makes me want to find my pencils, and begin drawing again.
Making more contacts for editing, and am working on getting the word out for photo DVD’s – scan photos in, make a slideshow and burn it to a DVD. There are so many people with pictures in a shoebox, never look at them, forgetting who they are. I made some slideshows from my own photos, and enjoyed it so much, looking at my children through their lives, so beautiful, so many smiles, so many lovely memories. I smiled and laughed out loud looking at them all, and came up with some nice slideshows. I think it’s a service I can sell.
Then, started going through cd’s I have in a box, and found old writing, pictures I haven’t seen for a long time, other memories. So what do we do with all this?

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