chapter lx

11 April 2010

Posted on: April 11, 2010

Another spring day. The weeping cherry and apple trees outside my window are getting ready to bloom. It’s very windy though – so windy a couple nights ago that it kept me awake for awhile – steady strong wind making such a racket. This morning the house was groaning in the wind, sounded like an old man moaning.

I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on TV last week. It is the first movie I ever went to a theatre to see. I was maybe four years old, and Dad took me. It was so exciting to go into the dark movie house, but when the witch came on I was so scared that I threw up, and Dad had to take me home. Meg threw up at Return of the Jedi. Too scary. But, Snow White was always one of my favourites. i remember going to the drive-in to see it when  was about 10, and couldn’t see it, my eyes had gone short-sighted and soon after I was wearing glasses. Watching it again, I realize that it was another early influence that sent me to the woods. The little house where the dwarves lived was so charming, but more than that was how all the animals were there to help, all pitching in first of all to save Snow White, and then helping clean the house, wash the clothes, make a meal. What could be a more perfect life than to live in the woods in harmony with nature? I enjoyed it again even with my adult analytical mind unpacking the theme of a woman living with seven men and keeping house for them, although she treated them like naughty children. Their mistrust of her – a woman – was also supposed to be comic, but what!!!! Nevertheless, evil is conquered, love redeems and all live happily ever after. Be cheerful, whistle while you work, keep love in your heart and live in harmony and openness.

Went to a pilot radio show a couple days ago, Bluenose Opera House. It was fun, and lots of great music. Coco Love Alcorn is a rising star, and lovely to see her live. It was in a large hall in Riverport, a small community on the river! The hall had no heat, but is set up for recording and hopefully will become the studio for the new program. Today went to a film by a local filmmaker about food sustainability in Nova Scotia – how many farms have been lost over the last few decades, 85% of our food is now imported. We could be self-sustaining, but there is not much incentive for farmers to remain on the farm. It was disturbing but inspiring as well. Makes the support of local food producers seem more urgent – go to the farmers’ markets, buy local, grow something at home, be aware of the source of our food.

Mom is going in for surgery to relieve water on the brain next week. I’m confident it will help her symptoms but feel a little apprehensive about the prospect of an 83-year old woman going through any surgery. Keep good thoughts and grace surrounding her.

Gabe is 35 today – holy cow. Hard to believe it all happens so fast. I am so blessed with him in my life, and so proud of the man he is.


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