chapter lx

8 April 2010

Posted on: April 8, 2010

There is a little bird that I have watched the past three mornings. He stops on a wire across the street, with a twig or grass in his mouth, and then starts to look wildly around, this way and that way, over and over as though he can’t remember where the nest is. Perhaps his mate is calling the entire time, because then he will take off as though he knows exactly where he is going.

Started facilitating the nonviolence program yesterday. Good to be back at it. It seemed to go well, people are looking forward to coming back next week. I should get out there and market it. I do enjoy small group work, and every time it is new. Meeting with a publisher tomorrow to pick his brains about getting free-lance editing work, and another one next Tuesday, who wants someone to proofread and edit, and also do some office work to keep things organized, but is afraid she can’t afford me. I guess I’ll have to find out what she has in mind, whether I can afford to work with her.

Finally took the sandbags out of the back of Bella – ballast. It feels so light now, that back end free. I wonder if it will make any difference on gas mileage – going up again tomorrow by 2-1/2 cents.

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