chapter lx

14 June, Lunenburg

Posted on: June 14, 2009

It has been awhile. My computer has been down, an ebay find came on Friday but the OS discs I have won’t install on the new one but somehow this old one is okay for now.

I went out on the porch this morning – I like to have my coffee there in the fresh morning looking across the water – and there were webs stretching from the porch railing onto my chair. They were very fine, so light that the breeze was enough to move them to another surface – my chair- and there were thousands of tiny spiders traveling back and forth. The webs were attaching to the floor, all the railings, the post, wherever the breeze blew.

I heard a man on the radio last week who taught crows to use tools, and they taught other crows. We are not the only ones evolving. I heard another man who played music in the rainforest in Costa Rica, and the birds imitated his song. He has made a recording of this duet.

I am not working yet – still waiting for the boat to go into the water. It was going in on Thursday, but the weather was inclement, so next Thursday. The cushion I came with is deflating. Got the car safetied and registered, cost more than I planned but now I have plates, with the Bluenose on them. The Bluenose, this is its home harbour, back of the dime, the old C-note, beautiful boat. Of course, even when I do begin working, it is only seasonal, still have to find something more permanent but I know everything will work out. What is my motto – everything always works out, though not always how we thought or expected. That’s life, we plan but don’t control, only dream.

At the roadside

At the roadside

Nova Scotia is blooming. Lilacs, lupins at the side of the roads, phlox and buttercups and ferns on the walking path, and the most magnificent rhododendrons everywhere. Being on the shore, it has not really been hot – don’t think it will really ever be hot. Bugs are out; I was at a knitting outside day on Saturday, and the black flies were at it.

Brought home a little kitten on Friday. I think her name is Poppie – we’re trying that on. She has a little clown face, with a black nose that splits her face in two. The first time I left her, she was waiting at the door when I got back. She had never been alone before, away from her mother and litter mates. But I am her new Mum and she spent the first night exploring the length of my body in bed, and then settled somewhere near my armpit. Nice to have another warm body here.




At Blue Rocks

At Blue Rocks

Went to Blue Rocks, not far from here, last weekend. This is how clear the water is there. It was a beautiful day for walking along the shore. It is very protected there,  quiet pools.

I hope in the next few days to have a good working computer again, and post more often. This one has not been recharging, but somehow last night it did, and is still fully charged. I don’t want to drain the battery down, though so that I can transfer what is here to the new one – so many photos and so much music it would be hard to reconstruct.


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