chapter lx

24 May, Lunenburg

Posted on: May 24, 2009

It is an apple!

It is an apple!

This beauty is right outside my front window, blooming now. In front of that is a weeping cherry.
So lovely

So lovely

When I look across the harbour now, it is so green. We have had a few days of really beautiful, warm, up in the 20’s weather but today it has turned chilly again – I’m sitting here with a scarf and shawl, it is raining and dark. I have lights on at 4 in the afternoon, here where it doesn’t turn dark until almost 9. It is thundering, too. It sometimes sounds like the whole sea is thundering, rumbling, deep and long. Ah, the price of paradise.

I have begun working. I will be selling tickets down on the wharf for tours of the harbour on the Eastern Star, a 48′ wooden ketch. I will have a chance to take a tour as the season starts. I’m glad to have some income, it will be fun to be outside, meeting many people at the heart of Lunenburg. The first day, though, trying to adjust a shelf on an old metal office cabinet, I sliced my right index finger pretty deep. I knew right away I should go get a tetanus shot – dust, mold, who knows what, but ended up with four stitches as well. A nuisance, kept me off the computer for a few days, better now, but still awkward typing, so this will be fairly short. Doctor said, no washing dishes, yard work, laundry, lots of red wine. A sweet young doctor who just came back from four years practicing in Illinois but came home when his colleagues began harassing him for treating indigent patients.

I have been thinking, what is this blog? Not really a journal, where I am recording my most private thoughts – it’s public for goodness’ sake, anyone can come here. It is somewhat like the column I wrote for Northwood Review – I do have you, whoever is reading this, in mind when I write. That means all those who I love, all I keep with such fondness in my heart, all who care enough about me to check in now and then to see what’s new. It is also somewhat of a personal record, and does require a certain amount of discipline.

What I hope is that this conveys some sense of place, where I am and what is it like here, and with that in mind, I will strive to make that more vivid, especially while it is still new, with beginner’s mind.

But here is what I’ve been thinking. I would invite anyone reading this to contribute your place, give a snapshot of where you are, what it means to you, what you like about your place. I have always preferred collaboration to solo performances, and would encourage you to take a look around and describe it in some way.

There are whales and puffins here. I have never seen a puffin, and look forward to them. I guess they come around July. It sounds like July and August are when the town really buzzes, although I have been surprised at the variety of activity that is available since I got here. Two months tomorrow, holy cow!

I heard a man who studies whales on the radio last week. He is also a jazz clarinet player. He had been listening to whale songs, and realized that there is structure to them, and that a group of whales will learn the same song and then alter it, and all the whales in the group will then alter it, on and on. He went out with a group with microphones and speakers, and they listened to the whales, and then he started playing clarinet through speakers into the water, and the whales started singing along! Imagine, a pick-up session with whales. What wondrous creatures.

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