chapter lx

14 May, Lunenburg

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I promised myself I wouldn’t let another day go by without posting. Had to fiddle with the photos to upload, and I’ve just come back from another wonderful concert. I’ve heard such a variety of music in the short time I’ve been here. This one was in the beautiful St. John’s church again. It was young people from Iqaluit, Nunavit and Halifax. The group from Nunavit came to Lunenburg because they had a cathedral there which was destroyed by fire in 2005. St. John’s also had a fire a few years ago, and this congregation has been raising funds to rebuild the church in Iqaluit. So, the children from Nunavit are throatsingers and drummers. It was enchanting. One of their leaders then performed a couple of his own songs; the drums are skin stretched over a hoop, which is waved as it’s played. His graceful movements were as much song as the drum and voice. He sang a song of missing loved ones, and one to seals. The Halifax group was a string ensemble, and they were enthusiastic and great. There is a series of early music coming up in the summer, and a folk festival in August that has been going on for about 20 years, and on Sundays during the summer there is music at the bandstand in the center of town, and I don’t know what other delights lay ahead.

The past couple days have been glorious. I don’t know if it’s that, or just finding a new rhythm in my life here, but I have felt a new energy. Finally finished clearing all that horrid bamboo from the back; four loads of it to the dump. Now I can decide what to put in all that space. There are three large pines, so what would be happy growing under pines? I’m wondering if a few rhododendrons would be happy there. And then there is a slope that will be mostly shady once the trees are leafed out.

All at once they bloomed

All at once they bloomed

Talking about trees, it seems that yesterday they all decided it’s about time to blossom. I think the one next to the driveway is an apple – will know in another couple days. I’m pretty sure there is a weeping cherry in front of that.


I moved all the furniture around the past couple days, and hung paintings; I think you have to be in a place for awhile to know what should be where. It makes it look more settled, not so perching here but I have put down stakes, or nails in the walls. I am going to look at a love-seat pull-out on the weekend that I found on Kijiji – attention, anyone who would like to visit, there will be a spare bed.

Part of the rearranging furniture was to maximize the view. The desk was in the back room, facing a wall, which was not how I had imagined it at all. In my dreaming this, I saw sitting at the computer, looking out at the sea, so moved the desk to the front room where I can look out the window at the water, and sky, and boats and birds. So the back room has the sewing machine, and a dresser for storage, and lots of things still piled on the floor and still lots of room. And I changed the bed to the opposite wall, and it seemed to open that room too.

I have finished a sweater that had been put aside for too long, and stenciled a baffed out little table that I bought, and made a shopping bag besides all the work in the garden.

Trips to Bridgewater tend to take all day – it is about 1/2 hour away, and I try to get in not more than once a week, to do laundry mostly but there is also a large grocery with a good selection. I don’t know, now, what takes so much time when I go in, but there you are. I met a kitten yesterday who will be ready to come home with me in a month. Sweet little black cat – aren’t they all sweet? with a white bib and a little orange on one ear. I liked her face and feel like we will be friends when we get to know each other.

The farmer’s market opened today – will be every week though the summer. Not much in season yet, but there were lots of baked goods, plants, homegrown beef and pork, and fish. I have been eating much more fish here, of course. A whole package of smoked salmon for $5, lobster $5/pound although I don’t have a pot large enough to cook a lobster yet. I can’t wait for fruits and veggies to come in season. There is someone who makes homemade sauerkraut which I understand is a local favourite.

I am blessed to be here, and to have this time.

Mother's Day flowers from my sweeties

Mother's Day flowers from my sweeties

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