chapter lx

6 May, Lunenburg

Posted on: May 6, 2009

It has been raining steadily for about fifteen hours now, as much as I can tell; I wasn’t awake all night, but it sure looks like it rained through the night, and has continued hard all morning. The only other place I can remember where it rained without stopping was Florence. Molly and I were there one summer, and I had never seen rain come down like that, so hard for such a sustained period of time. In the Great Lakes region, you’ll hard rain for about twenty minutes, maybe a half hour, and then it drizzles and spits. In California, does it rain?

I think this will be good for all the growing things. I can see that battling the bamboo in the backyard is going to require constant vigilance – already the pieces I broke off last week are coming back strong, standing three and four inches high. Let’s hope for a warm sunny weekend to get out there tending the garden again. There is still a daunting pile of old stalks to be dealt with somehow. There are two ways I can think of to handle them; either break them up and put into bags for pickup, or load them into the van and take them to the dump. Lunenburg is very good about recycling and composting. There are four separate streams for household garbage, with color coded bags and alternate week pickups.

Went to my first St. Vincent de Paul meeting in Bridgewater last evening, and was greeted warmly by the members. I am pretty impressed with what they are doing here, covering a huge area. They get about 50 calls a month from people who need help with electric bills, fuel oil, wood, furniture, clothing. They are able to help nearly everyone who calls, and have pretty healthy support from the parishes. I do love those good hearted people who become Vincentians. Certainly not the only good hearted people, but united by a spirituality.

Picked up a sewing machine at a flea market, and when I got it home there was no power. I went back to the flea market, after trying everything I could think to make it run. I thought maybe there was some trick I just wasn’t getting, and the woman I bought it from could help out, but when I got back she was gone! So my friend David who sings in the choir took it home to see if he could figure out why it wouldn’t work, and did! It simply needed a new plug, and now I have learned to thread it and have a working machine. There is a sweater I’ve been knitting too long that I want to finish before starting another project, though. By the time I get near the end of a sweater, it is so boring that I can’t wait to be done with it, I don’t even like it anymore.

No photos today. I want to get some yellow for next time – yellow daffodils and forsythia everywhere now.

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1 Response to "6 May, Lunenburg"

Hi Katherine,
Caught up with your blog – that is a beautiful place you have found – seems a lot nicer than West Portal. Things are OK here. The writers’ group is still struggling, but I’m doing OK.

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