chapter lx

29 April, Lunenburg

Posted on: April 29, 2009

I saw a magnolia in bloom today. There are daffodils everywhere, and the trees are really getting buds now. It was so warm on the weekend that everyone was outside. It was so nice to open the windows, let some fresh air into the apartment. I began clearing the garden in the back – it has been neglected for a long time, and was overrun with some kind of bamboo, the dead stalks standing and lying willy-nilly all over. My neighbours were all so glad to see someone paying attention to this yard, and it felt good. It has been awhile since I have had earth to play in. It is daunting, though. There are just piles of these stalks now, and where are they going to go? How to get them out of here? My neighbour Fay has offered to help me load her pickup and take them to the dump. But even that seems daunting – such stacks!

I went to the animal shelter on the weekend to see about a cat/kitten, and then got cold feet. Something in me just backed off the idea of sharing my space with a stranger, and I remembered all the cats I have loved; Spot, Ruby, Willoughby, Flora and wondered if any of these cats could be as wonderful. I guess it is taking on responsibility, too. I just don’t feel ready for a pet.

Went to an Acadian Kitchen Party on Sunday. It was a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, and had music – cajun and good old stomp your feet fiddle, and a buffet of homemade food with a french flavour – Acadian, Cajun or Quebecois. It was fun, even though I understood only about 1/3 of what was going on. The food was delicious and the music varied and enjoyable.

Had a job interview Monday, and feel encouraged that I had the opportunity, and hopeful that it won’t be long until I have some kind of work. I think it would be a position I enjoy. In any case, if not this, something else. I am going to help out at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival – another way to connect and meet people.
I have been feeling flu-ish the past couple days – fever, aching, slept practically all day yesterday and no appetite. Feel somewhat better today, but not very energetic and still achy. Hmmm. I did have a flu shot last fall, so maybe just a mild case if it is flu.

Some of the dead bamboo

Some of the dead bamboo

Where will it go?

Where will it go?


2 Responses to "29 April, Lunenburg"

Take care of yourself. The flu vaccine this year didn’t cover some of the strains that ended up being most prevalent, so don’t rule out flu if you have a fever. Fluids! Rest!

Take care Kathy and good luck job hunting!

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