chapter lx

22 April, Lunenburg – Sounds in the Night

Posted on: April 22, 2009

I lay in bed last night listening to the fog horn; low, steady as a heartbeat, comforting as watchful eyes, the sound of the sea itself. Occasionally the wind would howl through a window or wall, a scream or growl. I remembered other night sounds.

There was the train when we lived on Ingleside, Mary and I in the attic room. It was probably a nine o’clock train, every night, still steam then, whistle blow and then the chug chug chug as the cars passed in and out of hearing. There was a nightly train on Bowood, too. I would lie there and try to picture just where the tracks were physically, where they came from and where they went.

Then there are frogs. In the cabin, the night chorus of peepers, and a bullfrog or two? or more? They are so loud it is hard to know just how many are singing. And peepers in Orinda, sometimes so loud you couldn’t talk on the phone outside. What a surprise to move from there to the city and have the Muni every eight minutes! So loud and frequent that I would lose whole sentences from a DVD.

Rain on the roof. I have often lived on top floors, under the eaves. I like the sloped ceilings, the coziness and knowing the sky is just above. I always wanted a skylight above my bed, and when I finally had one, on Major, it was disappointing to find that I couldn’t actually see anything at night, no stars, no moon. A romantic illusion that bit the dust. However, it was a lovely place to sleep. In the winter, the snow would cover it and the light coming in was filtered and softer.

The sound of rain on the roof is comforting until it becomes audible in the room, plop plop plop. The roof on the cabin didn’t always keep rain out. Surprising that it held up under the snow. There was a particular bird that sang in the evening in Maynooth. I may never know what it is called, but the sound would come from the woods with an echo, a trilling, thrilling sound. I never saw the bird because it was already dusk before it began, and even if I’d looked for it, almost impossible to spot.


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Glad to hear you are getting settled. The apt looks lovely. Happy Easter time!

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