chapter lx

20 April, Lunenburg

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Another beautiful sunny day here. We have had a string of them – enough to hope that this is it, spring is proceeding and it will only get more beautiful. I went to a concert yesterday at St. John’s Anglican church, one of the oldest churches in Canada. It is all wood, and both the interior and exterior are wood. The style is “carpenter gothic” which reflects the ship-building tradition of the Maritimes. The vaulted wooden ceilings provide wonderful acoustics, and there is a huge old pipe organ. The concert was Peter Togni, a Canadian composer and his consort, and the Ernst Family, a local family of parents and eight of their ten children who sing together. They were wonderful. Peter played the organ for some of the concert, booming, vibrate your bones sound, but most of the pieces were a capella. The program included chant, Rachmaninoff, a Missa Brevis by Palestrina, gospel and devotional music. I am so glad I went, it was a treat.

I found a few more pieces of furniture last week – a small armoire and two cane-seated chairs that are so beautiful.

small armoire, gets things out of boxes

small armoire, gets things out of boxes

sweet chair

sweet chair

another place to sit

another place to sit

Janice has lent me a small table for the kitchen, and today David brought a dresser that has been in their garage too long. I can see it now; the place is filling fast, and the memory of that first night sitting on pillows with candles burning on the mantle because I didn’t have a lamp is becoming nostalgic. I think of other places, first nights, empty space and wonder how many more will there be? Each day, though the place is more mine, more familiar and home. While I laugh at what I hauled across the continent, and what I left behind, I am glad that I did bring things that give me pleasure when I see them. I am all with Morris, whose philosophy was that those things we use everyday should also be beautiful. There is no reason we have to clutter our lives with junk.

2 Responses to "20 April, Lunenburg"

I like the armoire. Looks like you have found some nice pieces!

It is more challenging in a small place than a city like SF, where you can find whatever you want on Craigslist, but I am having fun discovering these pieces. I think one day soon I must get into Halifax and explore not only thrift shops, but Halifax itself. It is pouring rain today but getting nice toward the end of the week.

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