chapter lx

Settling in

Posted on: April 6, 2009

There are so many details to look after when you relocate. Of course, getting an address is important, and I am so happy with the place I live now. But the details! Spent Wednesday unpacking what I could and had a good soak in the tub – something I had not done since leaving San Francisco – and fixed a bed on the floor. I am glad I brought all those pillows; slept on them, sit on them, pillow on a box works as a chair at the desk. A rug and sleeping bag, pillows below, duvet on top and quite comfortable. How many times have I said this – we really don’t need very much. Thursday went out to get some of those things that make life a little more comfortable – plates and bowls, plug for the tub, shower curtain, garbage container for the kitchen, torchiere with a dimmer for the living room. Explored shopping in Bridgewater, the larger town close by. Lunenburg has a population of about 2300; Bridgewater about 5000. There is a Wal Mart there, Canadian Tire and Zellers. Zellers is like Target or K Mart, with an eye to design in some departments. There is a line of household goods, Debbie Travis who seems to be the Canadian Martha Stewart, but rather than the patrician Stewart, we have the practical and thrifty Travis. Good old Canadian Tire – great selection, great sales and good quality. And you get Canadian Tire money, which is a handy means of exchange even outside the store. I ran out of gas once going home to Toronto, late at night and rolled into a gas station with no money – had helped buy food for dinner at the friends I was visiting – and paid for enough gas to get home with Canadian Tire money, a couple TTC tokens and stamps!

It rained all day Friday, and the fog horn was a constant call, low and steady in the background. It really blew in that evening – I guess it was what you call a nor’easter.

The bed

The bed

Finally got a bed on Saturday and am so happy to be sleeping on it. It is another place to sit, too. The people I bought the bed from also threw in a bedside stand – I can see it now, before long I will have an apartment full of furniture. What I would like next is a comfy chair to read and sit, and a small kitchen table and chair. I did see a sweet little table made right here about 150 years ago, well made with pegs and a fluted support below. More than I want to spend just yet.

Went to Mass at my new parish yesterday, St. Norberts. It is a small, simple, intimate chuch and people sing there. Last evening was an ecumenical Lent service and a reception after. I met Janet who sings in the choir, and will begin singing with them this week. I’m excited – it will be fun and a great way to become involved in the community.

So today it’s driver’s license so I can open a bank account and be more official. Also waiting for the pink slip on the van to arrive in the mail so I can register Bella. And today begin a job hunt. I took a long walk yesterday around town, and will keep walking each day until I’ve covered the whole town. I have been trying different roads when I’m out driving, too so I can see where they go, and how they connect to each other. The thing that confuses me is that when I step outside in the evening, the sun is setting to my right! I try to orient myself on the continent, on the planet, and can’t quite make sense of it yet. I guess the ocean is off to my left, and I am sitting on the harbour, angled in and facing south?

The Lunenburg Hump

The Lunenburg Hump

There is a particular feature of architecture here – the Lunenburg hump. The town was first settled by Europeans in 1753 and some of the houses are nearly that old. The hump was a feature that appeared as the town became more prosperous in the mid-1800’s. It has always been a fishing, ship-building center, and still is. The whole town has a nice polish, without being slick.

I am feeling so blessed, so grateful and content. I know that the good wishes and caring of all you reading this has brought me here with grace, and that this is a good move – things are falling into place with such ease.

All this space!

All this space!

The kitchen - room on the other wall for a table and chair

The kitchen - room on the other wall for a table and chair


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