chapter lx

Nova Scotia beginnings

Posted on: March 27, 2009

Here I am, destination found. It was another lovely clear day for driving – blue sky, rolling roads, pines everywhere, look out for deer and moose. My friend John has offered a room until I find a place, so I am in West Dublin, down by the Lahave river, close to the sea. We went for a long walk on Crescent Beach when I got in. Felt good to be stretching my legs, feel the fresh air.

Now it’s time to prioritize. Find a place, get a health card, register the car, get a phone, get a bank account. I think address is first and move ahead from there. Of course, the other one is find a job – anything for now until I get settled. I know it takes time to meet people, see what’s out there, where do I want to be, what do I want to do. But I also know that if I keep my eyes, ears and heart open, things will come into focus and it all works.

I had forgotten how dry cold weather is. I have been reaching for lip balm and hand lotion since Pennsylvania. There is more snow on the ground here, but the air has that tinge of spring. The numbers here are so extreme: 110 on the highway, -4 overnight, 86 for a litre of gas. I do kilometres, celsius, kilograms ok but never did get the conversion for liters. I think that gas is about 30 percent higher here, based on the cost of a fill-up yesterday.

Good news on the Mazda in Berkeley – the oil had been overfilled, it was burning off excess oil. An oil change will fix that, and the woman is still interested in buying it. What a relief!

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach

The Sea

The Sea

1 Response to "Nova Scotia beginnings"

Hi Katherine,
Thanks, I’m enjoing reading the beauty and poetry of your posts. Please keep us posted. We are praying for you in San Quentin. We had a wonderful Saturday lead by Jack on Healing Circles.
This week I went to LA to Homeboy Industries, Homegirl cafe invited me to do a forgiveness retreat with them. I think of you in this healing work. May it find you there in Nova Scotia.

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