chapter lx

Day Twenty-six

Posted on: March 25, 2009

St. John, New Brunswick, mile 4990. Hah, here I am finally in Canada, cleared Customs and Immigration and here I am in a Holiday Inn! Left Maine mid-morning after a nice breakfast at that sweet Village Inn. The border is about 2 hours from there, a winding two-lane road through mountains, but first I stopped once more to find boots in Calais – did find some, not beautiful but practical, although they are short but fine for now. Next winter I will look for tall warm boots, but for now I don’t anticipate trekking through knee-high snow. Also a stop at duty-free; hard to decide but finally got a bottle of Kahlua. No room in the van for a two-four and I was afraid if I went for a bottle of Jack, we’d get too friendly. By mistake though I was across the border before I had done that shopping, so turned around, and had to go through the whole ID, how long have you been gone, where are you going to US Customs just to go back and do my shopping. Anyway, it took about 1-1/2 hours to clear into Canada. First, was what am I bringing? I can hardly remember what I have brought – it’s been almost a month since I saw any of it. Outside of the usual, clothes, household, personal memorabilia there is not much else. He did want the serial numbers from the camera and laptop. The problem was the car. I don’t have the actual title – it arrived in the mail at Mary’s yesterday – my mail is being forwarded to her. There is no way she could have faxed it today while I was there – she wouldn’t be home from work until 10 this evening here. So my man was very clever at working the papers, and somehow issued everything I will need to register the car in Nova Scotia, I hope. So, I am officially a resident again, and feel so happy. It was after three (I lost another hour today, Atlantic time) and I decided St. John is far enough. I thought I would take the ferry over tomorrow, but it would be $120 and I’m sure it won’t cost that in gas, and an easy five hour drive.

The drive from Calais/St. Stephen was clear, glorious blue sky, watch for deer, little traffic and lots of dirty snow, pines, lakes and rivers. Coming in to St. John was confusing and finding a place for the night even more confusing. I have been out in the country so long. But I did stop for a coffee and donut at Tim Horton’s, and asked where is a motel nearby.

The biggest problem now is my Mazda 3 back in Berkeley. Someone wants to buy it, phoned Sunday, we made a deal and she needed to take it to her lender today for the lender to inspect. Well, she phoned as I was leaving the border to say that she took it from the Buggy Bank and it started smoking white smoke out the rear and seemed to have some trouble accelerating. What can I do, 5000 miles away? I told her to take it back to Buggy Bank, and spoke to Jerry there. He is going to take it to Oakland Mazda tomorrow, and see what is going on. I can’t imagine. That car never gave me one minute of problem and is still under warranty. I just want to sell it, now! I don’t want to keep making payments, don’t want to keep insuring it. I feel like I’m so far away, and don’t know what to do. Wait and see what’s going on with it I guess. Aaaaarrrghh.

Roadside snow

Roadside snow

Northern Maine

Northern Maine


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Hurray! The border crossing sounds like it was pretty painless. The drive between Saint John (the “saint” always gets spelled out, btw) and Halifax is not exciting, but just 5-6 hours. There is a good cafe in Sussex, NB… forget the name.

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