chapter lx

Day Seventeen

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Burlington, North Carolina. Mile 3600. No pictures today, it rained the entire day. Sometimes so hard that I had to slow way down, scary where the heck is the road? Stopped at an outlet center somewhere along the way, looking for winter boots. I don’t ever have much luck with those places, but there was a Timberland store, and I thought maybe. But no. Why would I be looking for winter boots in the South in the spring? I didn’t thing the prices were all that terrific either. Took the US route for awhile, before it rained so hard, and missed a turn, got totally lost and when I stopped to ask for directions, no one really knew where US 29 was, couldn’t read a map – I didn’t even know what town I was in, but they were very sweet and told me how to get to the Interstate. I found 29 again by accident, so stayed on that for awhile. I had reserved a room at a motel that was not a chain, a little out of the way on 29 in Reidsville, but the rain was so hard as I got to Greensboro that I missed the turn, probably went 20 miles too far, stopped again to ask directions, and they got out a map, another one knew exactly where I wanted to be and said it was probably 45 minutes away. It was nearly dark by then, I was tired and just wanted a good dinner and rest. As I headed back, into the deluge I passed an exit with the whole cluster of cheap motels, and thought, why am I going another 45 minutes just to be in a non-chain? Get off now. So I’m at an Econo lodge despite my desire to support the independents. Oh well.
I have been so lucky with food along the way. The desk clerk told me about a buffet near by that serves home cooking – they prepare all their own food, so I had barbq, biscuits, collards, white beans, green beans, roast beef, grits, gravy and apple pie. It was all delicious.

On to DC today. It looks clear, and I think I will take the US route up there – adds an hour but could be pleasant, up through Virginia.


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