chapter lx

Day Sixteen

Posted on: March 15, 2009

Atlanta in the fog

Atlanta in the fog

I’m still in Atlanta, having a lovely visit with Meg. It has been raining and cold since I got here, just as well not to be on the road. We spent all day yesterday getting a new couch for Meg. She has been looking for a long time, and we made the decision yesterday. We finally decided on Ikea, so had to rent a pick-up to get it home, and then put it together. After all that work, moving the old one to the porch, rearranging the living room, we went to see He’s Not Really That into You, fun with a good cast. Brunch with one of her friends this morning, and just hanging out. I actually had a little nap this afternoon. Off to North Carolina tomorrow, and then off to DC.
It will be good to get some more miles behind me, but I really feel so not-rushed. All the time in the world. My car hasn’t sold yet, which is a little worry but at this point I don’t know what I can do. There it is, and here I am.

Meg's couch

Meg's couch


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