chapter lx

Day Ten

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Vicksburg, Mississippi, 2625 miles. i am more than half-way. Traveled through Louisiana today. It is beautiful, wooded and swampy. Stayed off the Interstate, just meandered along US 80, slow and relaxing. East Texas is beautiful, too. It was an overcast day, then sunny, then overcast. I really thought it was going to rain, but didn’t. I have been so lucky with the weather – is it all waiting for me when I get to the Northeast?

Stopped for a late lunch in Louisiana; the first place that looked likely had already closed for lunch, but another man was there and disappointed, too. So I asked where else there was to eat around there, and he sent me to the Country Cottage, real food, good food. I had a crawfish fried pie, with a salad and sweet tea, and it was delicious. The cook came out to see if I liked it, and then suggested that maybe I would like to take a fruit fried pie along for a snack later. I did, a sweet potato fried pie. Everyone has been so friendly and cheerful.

The road was another two-lane blacktop, and sometimes I was the only car in sight. It was narrow and lined with tall trees. There is a lot of logging here, and mills along the way. The purple trees are not plum, but red bud. This road, unlike the highway in Texas, had no pull-offs for picnics or rest, so every time I stopped was in a town and there were no red buds to photograph. I hope to get some pictures of them tomorrow, they are just so delightful popping up here and there. All this blooming, though, is aggravating allergies. I have been congested since yesterday; last night really hoped that I’m not developing a cold, sure don’t want to be sick on the road, but I think it’s allergies.

Shrevesport was a pretty city, with some very abandoned areas, and some very posh and renovated. Most the abandoned streets – yes whole streets, look like it didn’t happen just yesterday. All through the state, there was a feeling of decay and rust. Yards covered with rusting vehicles, washing machines, farm equipment, rusting tin roofs on shacks, shacks that looked held together with masking tape, shacks that were simply sinking back to earth. And there were also nice ranch houses with large yards, pastures with cows, pretty residential streets with trees all around.

Crossed the Mississippi just as a huge red sun was setting behind me, and the full moon was coming out. It is wide here, with a lovely bridge. Vicksburg on first sight seems very lush – green and treed. I hope to take some time tomorrow to look around, before heading for Janet and John in Alabama.

East Texas

East Texas

Oil Pump

Oil Pump

Texas-sized chair

Texas-sized chair

Downtown Shrevesport

Downtown Shrevesport

2 Responses to "Day Ten"

Katherine, I was so glad to read that you are feeling good about your embarkation! It is evident in you’re writing, and that Bella is being such a sturdy vessel as you fly through America, listening to jazz, Bach, the Blues……..

Thanks for the Photos, and please if you find another guy like that Country Cottage that makes a crawfish fried pie, and a sweet potato fried pie, tell them North Beach, in San Francisco is starving for a restaurant like that, especially with a staff where ” Everyone has been so friendly and cheerful.”

Bach On !

I finaly got to the site. I hope you read your civil war history and I guess you did find a way to drive and not fly. How about a pix of the vehicle!

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