chapter lx

Day Nine

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Canton, Texas. Finally did get off the Interstate today, an easy 50 miles up to US 180. It was so pleasant, two lane blacktop, no trucks, litle traffic and many towns to go through. I had a lovely lunch at the Prairie Star, real food and sweet tea. The worst of the drive was getting through Fort Worth/Dallas. Must be an hour across, all freeways intersecting, traffic all over the place going this way and that. However, the terrain becomes more lovely about an hour outside Fort Worth. It begins to get more wooded, and the other side of Dallas the landscape is quite lush. Trees are blooming, some white blossoms perhaps apple or cherry and some stunning purple that just scream plum. Each time it was a delightful surprise to see them.

It was another very warm day – high 70’s. I finally stopped to get cotton socks and canvas shoes – my feet needed to breathe, and I didn’t want to unload the van to find the suitcase with summer clothes and sandals. They had my size shoes in lime green. Very stylish. I haven’t seen a Starbucks in days, but a Walmart in every town. There is something here that has my throat scratchy – maybe those blossoming trees.

We’re at 2300 miles, and I think I’m getting nearly 20 mpg. Tomorrow before I start out I should check the oil and tire pressure. Otherwise, everything seems so good. Tomorrow Louisiana. I’ve never been there and am looking forward to it. Til then.



So much of the drive through Texas

So much of the drive through Texas

In the Prairie Star Cafe

In the Prairie Star Cafe

Another Prairie Star trophy

Another Prairie Star trophy


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