chapter lx

Day Eight

Posted on: March 8, 2009

Big Spring, Texas. Put some miles down today, but now I am ever tired. I think we are about 1800 miles. The first 200 – 250 miles out of Deming, through El Paso and beyond were so incredibly windy I stayed on the Interstate. The US route went up through the Guadalupe range, twisty mountain pass. It was hard enough driving, I chose not to make it harder. Blowing dust, tumbleweeds, low visibility besides the relentless wind. Amazing. And who knew there are mountains in Texas? Rough, angular mountains. Texas is big! We all know that. Once the mountains were behind me, it is nothing but straight and flat. Then the oil pumps start. They look like those silly birds that perch on the side of a glass and bob up and down sipping water.

I pushed Bella up to 70 and we’re ok there. The speed limit is 80! I was passing a truck – another truck was behind me but way back, I had time to get past, when all of a sudden all I could see in my rear view was transport, back and side. It must have been going 90 or 100. I just goosed Bella and got out of the way, and thought for sure I would see that truck pulled over somewhere down the road, but not.

Over that long stretch, flat and straight it was easier to drive and time to think. Put on blues, then jazz, then Bach. I am feeling that all this is so right. I am not looking back with any regret or sadness – I feel like I am moving forward embraced with such affection, and no apprehension about what lies ahead. it just feels good and right.

Texas sure feels like another place – not San Francisco. I am just south of Lamesa; some of us know Lamesa. Tomorrow it looks like an easy jump to US 180 all the way across, into Louisiana. Time change tomorrow – I just had one today, into central time so actually am jumping ahead two hours, although I guess it doesn’t matter much. Man, it got dark quickly here though. About six o’clock, it was like the curtain was drawn.
Nice to hear from all who have commented. I don’t think I’m going to get any photos up tonight – another one of those connections that comes and goes. Surprise – Texas rest areas are wireless. Maybe one of those tomorrow. More then.

The Guadalpes

The Guadalpes

More Guadalupes

More Guadalupes

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