chapter lx

Day Three

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Day two got lost because I never did find an internet connection. This is going to be trickier than I thought. It was a wonderful day, though. I left Bakersfield about 6 am to get to Las Vegas in time for the NASCAR race there. Crossed the Tehachapi pass with a little effort – Bella is a trooper and made it with only a little hesitation. i had forgotten what a climb it is to Las Vegas – elevation 4000′. I love the windmills at Tehachapi, and the desert. I always thought I would live in the desert someday, but I guess there have been other deserts. The race was a good one, beautiful day and wonderful to be there with family at the beginning of this transition.

Today was also a wonderful day to be driving. Took 95 out of Las Vegas, across the Mohave, all brown ringed with brown mountains in the distance, flat and low growing plants – mesquite, sage, who knows what else. Brown, gray, subtle greens, the occasional bird. It was 80 in Needles and a clear blue sky all the way. Took 40 and began climbing again, from 4000′ to 7500′ in Flagstaff. The mountains were no longer brown and distant, but green and I was in them. It is one of my favourite routes, 40 from Needles to Flagstaff. The trees begin getting taller, not just short shrubs, first the junipers and by the time you’re really high, many many pines. There was snow by the side of the road, and by dusk I was heading down the hill to Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.

Driving down 95 made me reconsider which roads to take. Interstates can be so boring, I think I will stick to US routes. I’m not going very fast anyway; Bella seems to find a groove around 62 and seems happy there. Everything passed me today, except one baffed out old Ford pick-up with a camper on the back – struggling up a long incline. I am just as happy puttering along, too. And on the US routes, I’m more likely to pass through towns and see more than on those long interstate corridors.

Another problem that needs working out is all the things that need to be recharged; camera, phone, computer. I took the camera out today and the battery needed recharging. Can be done in the car, but the phone was on the charger. Hmmm. Everything gets plugged in at night? I am sorry that I missed a lot of photos today – who knows when I’ll be back this way?

The Race

The Race

The Infield

The Infield

The mountains ringing Las Vegas

The mountains ringing Las Vegas

3 Responses to "Day Three"

I didn’t know you were a NASCAR fan. I think you’re right to stay off the interstates. Charles Kuralt, of “On the Road” fame, said, “Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to drive across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything or meeting anyone.”
Our thoughts are with you.


Way to go! Remember many a great thing was born from solitude ! Did you pass The Valley of Fire already outside Vegas?

Next time you’re in a Circuit City or Walmart or something, ask for a small “Inverter” that plugs into your cigarette lighter, K… that will give you two or three plugs of house current, and charge those things while you drive


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